System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

The System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is the project management framework used for managing projects at the OCIO, and as such Project Managers (PMs) are expected to become very familiar with this framework. There are five (5) phases and ten (10) stages in the SDLC framework. The SDLC framework diagram can be used as a navigation tool as it allows the user to click on a specific stage and receive more detailed information about that stage.

The PM is typically engaged in the Plan-for-Analysis stage. The PM is responsible for all the SDLC deliverables up to and including those required in the Close stage, however other OCIO branches may be the prime for completing those deliverable. More information regarding deliverables can be found in the Project Management Reference Guide (PMRG).


The SDLC framework diagram is your navigation tool. You can click on each stage of the SDLC to obtain a detailed description of that stage. Below the SDLC diagram you will find quick reference links to the PM Tools Table and OCIO Deliverables Table. For more details around the guidelines for managing project for the OCIO, please reference the Project Management Reference Guide (PMRG).

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It is the OCIO’s desire to make the SDLC web site content publicly available as much as possible. However some documents linked from this site have restricted access. Individuals requiring access to restricted documents can contact the Project Management Office (PMO).

Phase 1: ConceptInitiate
Phase 2: Plan-for-AnalysisAnalysis
Phase 3: Plan-for-DesignDesignExecute
Phase 4: Implement >Close
Phase 5: Support

PM Toolkit                        Deliverables Register

Phase 1: Concept Phase 1: Initiate Phase 2: Plan Phase 2: Analysis Phase 3: Plan Phase 3: Design Phase 3: Execute Phase 4: Implement Phase 4: Close Phase 4: Support

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If you require assistance or would like to provide feedback, please contact the Project Management Office (PMO).

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