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Pensioner Payroll/Refunds

The Pensioner Payroll/Refunds section of the Payroll and Compensation Benefits Division of the Human Resource Secretariat handles the payment of all Province of Newfoundland & Labrador Pension cheques and direct deposits, as well as the payment of all Refund of Pension Contribution cheques. This includes Pension and Refund payments for the Uniformed Services Pension Plan, Teachers Pension Plan, Members of the House of Assembly Pension Plan, and the Provincial Court Judge’s Pension Plan. (NOTE: Refund of Pension Contribution cheques for the Public Service Pension Plan are issued by Provident10. Responsibility for the issuance of Public Service Pension Plan pension cheques is currently being transitioned to Provident10. Please consult the Provident10 website ( for additional information.)

It also maintains the Pensioner Payroll and Refund Master Files which includes:

  • Dealing with changes of address
  • Change in direct deposit information
  • Changes in deductions
  • Maintaining actuarial information
  • Issuing replacement cheques
  • Providing confirmation of pension income
  • Issuing T4A’s/NR4’s at year end

The Pensioner Payroll/Refunds payrolls run on the 15th or 31st OR the closest working day if the 15th or 31st fall on a weekend or a holiday. Payroll dates for 2020 are as follows:

January 15 and 31 July 15 and 31
February 14 and 28 August 14 and 31
March 13 and 31 September 15 and 30
April 15 and 30 October 15 and 30
May 15 and 29 November 13 and 30
June 15 and 30 December 15 and 31

Direct Deposits (15 KB) are in the bank as of the above dates and the cheques are mailed at least 3 days prior to the payroll date. Payroll stubs are attached to the Pension/Refund cheques and Direct Deposit Statements are mailed quarterly to the home address of those pensioners taking advantage of Direct Deposit.

Note: Direct Deposit is not available for Refunds because Refund cheques are not a recurring payment like the Pensioner Payroll cheques.

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Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security

Toll Free: 1-800-277-9914

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