Government Money Purchase Pension Plan – GMPP

The Government Money Purchase Pension Plan (GMPP) was established on April 1, 1989 by The Government Money Purchase Pension Plan Act. Employees shall participate in this plan if they are ineligible for participation in any of the other plans sponsored by Government. Students and other groups excluded by the Minister of Finance are ineligible for membership.

The GMPP is a Defined Contribution Plan where members make contributions that are matched by their employer and deposited into individual accounts with Great West Life (Group Retirement Services), the plan custodian. Members may select from several investment options and, with the assistance of trained professionals, can develop a personal investment strategy suited to their goals and expectations.

Currently there are approximately 28,400 plan members, including employees of Crown Corporations, Healthcare Organizations, School Boards, Substitute Teachers and a variety of other organizations owned or funded by Government.

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