Intergovernmental and Indigenous Affairs Secretariat

About the Secretariat

The Intergovernmental Affairs Secretariat


The mandate of the secretariat is derived from the following legislation:

  • Intergovernmental Affairs
    1. Ensure policies, programs and activities of the government and its agencies advance the province’s interests, as appropriate, through intergovernmental co-operation between the government of the province and another sovereign government;
    2. Lead provision of policy advice and support related to meetings of First Minsters and Premiers; national and international trade, including consultative services; and intergovernmental policy where no analogous provincial department or agency exists, including serving as the province’s military liaison;
    3. Participate in the negotiation of all intergovernmental agreements; and,
    4. Monitor, review and evaluate legislation, policies, programs, activities and services of the government and its agencies to ensure that trade and other intergovernmental objectives are advanced, including through the leveraging of federal funding opportunities.
  • Indigenous Affairs
    1. Advance the social and economic aspirations of Indigenous people in the province;
    2. Work collaboratively with Indigenous people to ensure programs, policies and services are culturally meaningful and appropriate, and reflect their unique needs;
    3. Coordinate, develop and deliver policies relating to Indigenous issues
    4. Administer, and ensure the discharge of, any Aboriginal Duty to Consult which may rest upon the Provincial Government;
    5. Work with provincial Indigenous governments and organizations respecting Indigenous issues;
    6. Work with the Federal Government and National Indigenous Organizations as required respecting Indigenous issues; and,
    7. Negotiate and ensure the implementation of land claims, self-government and other agreements related to Indigenous issues.

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Lines of Business

Intergovernmental Policy Formulation and Support

The secretariat is responsible for monitoring and analyzing intergovernmental dimensions of constitutional, social, fiscal, economic, resource and trade policy matters in order to formulate and provide policy advice on the development of government’s intergovernmental strategy and agenda. Further, the secretariat coordinates and provides support for interdepartmental initiatives that have intergovernmental implications.

Indigenous Policy, Planning and Support

The secretariat aims to ensure that provincial policies, programs and services are developed and delivered in a manner that is culturally meaningful and appropriate for Indigenous peoples in Newfoundland and Labrador. This is accomplished primarily through the provision of advice and support to provincial departments and agencies and participation in provincial horizontal initiatives.

Land Claims, Self-Government and Other Agreements

The secretariat represents the province in any tripartite negotiations amongst the Provincial Government, Federal Government and Indigenous governments and organizations towards land claims, self-government, devolution and other agreements. The secretariat is responsible for coordinating government departments’ implementation and management of their respective obligations under any such agreements.

Indigenous Consultation

The secretariat provides leadership and advice with respect to any duty to consult Indigenous governments and organizations that may be owed by the Provincial Crown. Principles of Aboriginal Consultation are set out in the publically available Aboriginal Consultation Policy on Land and Resource Development Decisions.

Coordination, Collaboration and Advocacy

The secretariat collaborates with Indigenous governments and organizations, Provincial Government departments/entities, the federal government and industry organizations to advance the economic and social aspirations of Indigenous people. The secretariat also participates in inter-jurisdictional working groups and committees, including with National Indigenous Organizations, to advance Indigenous interests.

The secretariat urges the Federal Government to more fully discharge its Constitutional responsibility to all Indigenous people in the province, in particular by providing all Indigenous people access to all Indigenous federal programs and services.

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