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Indigenous Status

Department of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
Tel: 1-800-567-9604
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Registration application process:

Forms that you will need for registration can be picked up at:

  • Department of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (address below)
  • First Nations or Indigenous associations
  • Aboriginal Friendship Centres

If you were born on or after April 17, 1985:

Obtain a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate indicating parents’ names. This document can be obtained from the Provinces’ Vital Statistics Division. Write a letter which states that you want to register the child as an Indian. Give the names of the parent with whom the child should be registered (children are registered with only one parent). Both parents must sign the letter.

Send the copy of the birth certificate and the letter to your First Nations office or to the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs (address below).

If you were born before April 17, 1985:

Obtain and fill out the following forms:

  • “Application for Registration of an Adult under the Indian Act”: for a person who is 18 or older;
  • “Application for Registration of Children under the Indian Act”: for a person who is under 18 or for a person who is intellectually impaired.

Include as much information as you can about the applicant’s Aboriginal background and the name or location of the First Nation or First Nations to which the applicant’s ancestors belonged. If you know the names of relatives who have been registered, you should include these also.

Send the completed form to:

Indian Registration and Band Lists
Department of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0H4

You will be contacted by telephone or mail if further information is needed.

National office:

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
Terrasses de la Chaudière

10 Wellington, North Tower
Gatineau, Quebec
Postal Address: Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0H4
Phone: (toll-free) 1-800-567-9604
Fax: 1-866-817-3977
TTY: (toll-free) 1-866-553-0554

Regional office:

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
Atlantic Regional Office

P.O Box 160
40 Havelock Street
Amherst, NS, B4H 3Z3
Tel: (local)(902) 661-6200
(toll-free) 1-800-567-9604
Fax: (902) 661-6237

Indigenous Benefits

For information on Indigenous Benefits relating to income tax and benefits returns please see Indigenous Benefits PDF Icon (370 KB)

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