Intergovernmental and Indigenous Affairs Secretariat

Intergovernmental Negotiations

In accordance with the Intergovernmental Affairs Act the Minister for
Intergovernmental Affairs is legally required to be a party to the negotiation of all Intergovernmental Agreements and sign all agreements between
the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and another sovereign government. Staff of the Intergovernmental Affairs Secretariat (IGAS) routinely
provide assistance and support to government departments in the negotiation of these agreements and review all such agreements to ensure their
consistency with the government’s intergovernmental policies and priorities. In addition, IGAS provides support to the Premier in the negotiation of
policies with intergovernmental scope through key fora such as the Council of the Federation and the Council of Atlantic Premiers. Beginning in 2012-13,
a list of agreements signed each fiscal year has been published in appendices of the annual reports of the Secretariat and its predecessors. These
annual reports can be found at the Publications section of this website.

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