2018-19 Call for Proposals to Deliver Bridging Language Training for Resettled Refugees (ABE)


The Provincial Government is calling for proposals to deliver bridging language training for resettled refugees. Eligible applicants include non-profit community organizations registered under the Corporations Act or other public or non-governmental organizations. Eligibility guidelines are available at Funding Guidelines for Labour Market Integration of Refugees (ABE Bridging Program)

The lack of formal education credentials can be a barrier for some immigrants to our province, and particularly for refugees. By providing integrated Adult Basic Education and English as a Second Language programming in a supportive learning environment, approved projects under this call for proposals will support refugees in accessing the training and supports they need for educational and career advancement while accommodating the unique learning needs and personal challenges of refugees. As part of achieving this goal, this program will be integrated with other key services including employment readiness, job search programs, and settlement and integration supports.

To apply, proposals must be submitted online through the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour’s LaMPSS payment system through the Labour Market Integration for Newcomers program (LMIN). See how to apply below.

For more information or for instructions on how to submit a proposal through LaMPSS, visit (Applying in LaMPSS). Applications will be accepted until January 4, 2019. Contributions from the Department shall not exceed $50,000 per project.

Who Can Apply?

The proponent must be an established non-profit community organization (registered under the Corporations Act) or other public or non-governmental organization (e.g., public educational institution, regional development authority, etc).

The proponent must also demonstrate a need, the ability, and sufficient capacity to deliver proposed programs and services. Proponents must fulfill the following requirements to ensure eligibility:

  1. The organization is incorporated as a non-profit corporation or has a written agreement with an appropriately incorporated organization to administer approved funding;
  2. The organization demonstrates community support by showing a range of stakeholder representation on a committee or board and/or through letters of support from key stakeholders;
  3. The organization satisfies the Department that it can receive, manage and account for public funding in a fair and transparent manner;
  4. The organization complies with provincial and federal labour, human rights, and privacy legislation; and
  5. The community or region receiving immigrants within the next year has already received immigrants in the past, or has identified immigration as a key growth strategy.

Special consideration for funding will be made for proposals demonstrating instances where no other settlement services exist, other than those provided by employers, or the services in place do not meet the unique needs of the newcomer immigrants.

Complete eligibility and funding requirements can be reviewed in the  Funding Guidelines for Labour Market Integration of Refugees (ABE Bridging Program)

How Do I Apply?

Interested proponents must complete and submit an application to the Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism, Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour through the LaMPSS online self-service system.

Proponents must register in the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour’ LaMPSS payment system to apply on-line. Once registration is complete, a password and user ID will be provided. To register, please follow procedures outlined at Register on LaMPSS system.

Once registered on the LaMPSS system, proponents may apply directly on-line and/or update information using its self-serve function and the provided user password and ID. To apply on-line using the self-serve component of LaMPSS, please link to the following website which contains LaMPSS User Guidelines, System Requirements and the Login LaMPSS Employer Self-Serve.

For additional details on how to submit an application online, please review Applying in LaMPSS for ABE Bridging Program for Refugees

Contact Information

Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour
Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism
Tel: 709-729-6607
Fax: 709-729-7381
E-mail: immigration@gov.nl.ca