Program Evaluation

It is important to know if programs and policies are working and valuable. To ensure this, programs must be evaluated. Evaluating a program involves answering questions such as:

  • How is the program being implemented?
  • Are people or businesses receiving the service that they need?
  • Are people or businesses satisfied with the program?
  • Has the program achieved its intended objectives? Have there been any unintended consequences?
  • What is the ratio of cost to benefits?

Evaluating a program can make it more effective and efficient. We are responsible for helping departments create an evaluation plan for new and existing policies and programs. We also lead evaluations for major government initiatives.

One tool that can be used to evaluate a program is a logic model. A logic model is a visual representation of a program’s resources, activities and expected outcomes. To get started, you can download our logic model template.

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To learn more about program evaluation, visit the Canadian Evaluation Society.