Recreation Month Promotes the Value of Active Living

  • Children, Seniors and Social Development

4 June 2018

Today, the Honourable Lisa Dempster, Minister of Children, Seniors and Social Development, recognized June as Recreation Month in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Recreation Month has been celebrated annually since 2006 and draws attention to the benefits and importance of recreation to individuals, families and communities. Recreation is the experience that results from freely chosen participation in physical, social, intellectual, creative and spiritual pursuits that enhance individual and community wellbeing.

Recreation provides a foundation for social engagement, personal development and regular physical activity. At the community level, it often provides opportunities for leadership by inspiring community events to prepare and offer healthy foods, and to create healthy, supportive environments. The recreation sector is playing a vital role in providing residents of Newfoundland and Labrador with the tools to take action to live healthy active lives.

The Provincial Government has set a target to increase physical activity rates by seven per cent by the year 2025. Support for recreation delivers on commitments in The Way Forward to deliver better services and better outcomes for residents. The Way Forward outlines all actions the Provincial Government is taking to achieve a strong, diversified province with a high standard of living, and can be viewed at

“Recreation plays a key role in ensuring residents of our province participate in healthy active living initiatives. During Recreation Month, I encourage all residents to find some way to make recreation a part of their daily lives, whether that is participating in individual activities, being part of a volunteer community group or joining a recreation program. Recreation creates tremendous benefits including personal betterment and community engagement.”
Honourable Lisa Dempster
Minister of Children, Seniors and Social Development

“By dedicating June as Recreation month we hope to bring public attention to the important benefits and values of recreation to individuals, families, neighborhoods and communities. We are encouraging everyone to get involved and inspire others to live healthier through recreation. Good health and well-being starts with recreational living.”
Tina Auchinleck-Ryan
President, Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador

– 30 –

The Honourable Lisa Dempster (right), Minister of Children, Seniors and Social Development Minister (CSSD) joined Tina Auchinleck-Ryan, President of Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador (RNL) to sign a proclamation marking June as Recreation Month. Joining them are (Back L-R) Linda Roberts, Recreation Consultant, CSSD; Dawn Sharpe, Recreation Practitioners/Facilities Representation, RNL; Stephanie O’Brien, Eat Great and Participate Coordinator, RNL; Pam Mills, Recreation Specialist, RNL; Gary Milley, Executive Director, RNL; Megan Cummings, Recreation Specialist, RNL; Carla Sullivan, Physical Activity Coordinator, RNL; Michelle Hunt, Operations Manager, RNL and Sara Tucker, Administrative Coordinator, RNL.

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