Public Advisory: No Human Health or Food Safety Risk Associated with Chicken Mortality at Broiler Farm

  • Fisheries and Land Resources

October 25, 2019

The Department of Fisheries and Land Resources was advised today of a mortality that occurred on October 24 at B.I.A. Farms on Roaches Line impacting approximately 19,000 of approximately 160,000 broiler chickens at the site. The mortalities were the result of a computer malfunction affecting operation of the facility’s ventilation and fan system.

The Chief Veterinarian Officer for Newfoundland and Labrador has confirmed this is not an infectious disease matter and there is no human health or food safety risk. The company did not violate any compliance requirements associated with the Animal Health and Protection Act, thus no enforcement action is anticipated.

B.I.A. Farms is following normal and established protocols to compost the affected chickens at a designated land fill site in accordance with environmental regulations.

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