House of Assembly – Government Services Committee Tables Report on Review of Draft Bill

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November 4, 2019

The House of Assembly Government Services Committee tabled its final report today related to its review of the draft Bill, Real Estate Trading Act, 2019. The draft Bill was referred to the Committee under Standing Order 79. Its findings and recommendations were required to be reported to the House of Assembly in the Fall 2019 sitting.

The report tabled today provides an overview of the work undertook by the Government Services Committee in reviewing the draft Bill. The Committee heard submissions from Service NL (department responsible for the related legislation); the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Realtors (NLAR); and one individual from the public who is licensed as both a real estate agent and mortgage broker. Following its review and consideration of the information provided in the various submissions, the Committee recommended that the draft Bill be introduced in the House without amendment.

“The Government Services Committee was pleased to table our final report in the House of Assembly today on the review of the draft Bill, Real Estate Trading Act, 2019. The Committee recognizes the importance of this work, and believes the process undertaken to engage stakeholders and the public on this matter was comprehensive. We wish to extend our appreciation to all those who provided input throughout our review.”
Pam Parsons, Chair, Government Services Committee
MHA, Harbour Grace-Port de Grave

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Final Report of the Government Services Committee Respecting the Draft Bill Entitled An Act Respecting the Regulation of Real Estate Trading in the Province

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