Minister Byrne Responds to Clearwater Seafoods Proposal to Change Operator at St. Anthony Seafoods Limited Partnership

  • Fisheries and Land Resources

15 January 2020

The following statement was issued today by the Honourable Gerry Byrne, Minister of Fisheries and Land Resources.

I have been informed by Clearwater of its intention to seek a change of operator at St. Anthony Seafoods Limited Partnership to Quin-Sea Fisheries Limited.

As per section 9(1)(d) of the Fish Processing Licensing Board Act, the Board shall consider an application related to corporate concentration, merger and acquisition issues in the context of fish processing licensing matters; and in accordance with section 4.7.1 of the Fish Processing Licensing Policy Manual, which states: “When a plant owner proposes to sell or lease a licensed plant, the proposed new operator must make application to the Board for the issuance of the fish processing license in the new operators’ name.”

The application will be reviewed by the Fish Processing Licensing Board, led by Chairperson Reg Anstey, a veteran of the fishing industry and labour movement in Newfoundland and Labrador. I have communicated very clearly to the industry on multiple occasions that I have a deep respect for the work of the Board and in fact have yet to counter any of their past recommendations.

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