Public Advisory: Department Reassuring the Public on Contact Tracing Efforts in the Eastern Region

  • Health and Community Services

March 22, 2020

The Department of Health and Community Services wishes to reassure the public that contact tracing is well underway related to all new cases of COVID-19 announced today.

COVID-19 is primarily transmitted by people who are experiencing symptoms. Symptoms may include a fever, cough, aches and pains, or difficulty breathing.

If you have been in close contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive or presumed positive, you will be contacted by public health during contact tracing.

Contact tracing is a process used by public health officials to stop the spread of infection in the community. It involves finding and informing the people that an infected person has been in contact with so they can get counselling, testing and if necessary, treatment.

Anyone who is sick with a fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or aches and pains should stay at home to protect others.

If you are symptomatic and concerned that you may have been exposed to COVID-19, please complete the online assessment tool at to determine if you need testing.

The Department of Health and Community Services appreciates everyone’s patience and understanding as it works, in collaboration with the regional health authorities and the citizens of the province, to minimize further spread of COVID-19.

For the most up-to-date information related to COVID-19, please visit For questions related to COVID-19, please email 


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