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January 30, 2020

The Honourable Derrick Bragg, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment, has announced the following events relative to Part 10 Environmental Assessment of the Environmental Protection Act.



Upper Humber River Cottage                                                     (Reg. 2067)
Proponent: Dennis Parr

The proponent plans to construct a cottage for recreational purposes along the Upper Humber River. The cottage site will be accessed from a 60-metre driveway connecting to Taylor’s Brook Road and is located approximately 21 kilometres from Route 420. Water and septic services are to include the construction of a pit privy and transportation of potable water to the cottage.

The undertaking was registered on January 30, 2020; the deadline for public comments is March 5, 2020; and the minister’s decision is due by March 15, 2020.


Carmanville Sea Urchin Aquaculture Facility                      (Reg. 2066)
Proponent: Eastern Fish Markets Limited 

The proponent proposes to develop and operate a land based sea urchin aquaculture facility at 54 and 107 Main Street South in the Town of Carmanville. Wild green sea urchins will be harvested by local fishers, held in tanks and fed commercial feed to increase roe production. Water for the tanks will be pumped from the ocean, filtered, chilled, oxygenated.   Water will be recirculated within the tanks as much as possible but the facility can operate as a flow-through system if needed. The sea water intake and tank discharge outlets will be separated by 244 metres. Urchins will be packed whole for live shipment or the roe will be extracted, graded and packaged on-site for foreign markets.

The undertaking was registered on January 28, 2020; the deadline for public comments is March 5, 2020; and the minister’s decision is due by March 13, 2020.


Stephenville Fertilizer, Fish Meal and Compost Production Facility       (Reg. 2045)
Proponent: Oceanview Estates Inc.


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