About the Department

The department provides accessible, responsive services in the areas of public health and safety, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, consumer protection, and in the preservation of vital events and commercial transactions. It also provides printing services to Government.

The department focuses on:

Service NL provides a wide range of services, including licensing and inspections related to public health, public safety, and environmental protection, and the provision of vital documents. It ensures the health and safety of employees in the workplace in Newfoundland and Labrador. It also safeguards consumer interests. The department was created with the aim of consolidating, to the extent possible, the licencing, permitting, inspecting, and regulating functions within government, and providing a single-window access point to the public for those services. The department derives the authority to carry out its functions from over 150 pieces of legislation and related regulations, standards, and codes of practice.

The department is arranged into two branches: Government Services and Regulatory Affairs. Further, the Minister of Service NL is accountable for 13 public entities, and oversight of the Public Utilities Board’s mandate with respect to auto insurance and petroleum pricing.


The mandate of Service NL is derived from the Executive Council Act, Section 4; more than 150 pieces of legislation and related regulations, standards, and codes of practice; Memoranda of Understanding with partner departments; and Government directives.

The department is responsible for the supervision, control and direction of all matters related to:

  • Vital statistics
  • Motor vehicles
  • Public health
  • Environmental protection
  • Public safety
  • The regulation and operation of Government Service Centres throughout the province
  • Printing services
  • Services in French / Services en français
  • Provincially regulated financial institutions
  • Consumer and commercial affairs
  • Compliance with occupational health and safety legislation, including radiation health and safety
  • The administration of the Acts and Regulations set out in the Schedule to the Executive Council Act.


People in Newfoundland and Labrador living and working in healthy and safe environments with access to efficient and responsive programs and services.

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Five Lines of Business:

Service NL conducts four basic lines of business through its two branches and nine divisions, including:

  1. Enforcement of Legislated Requirements

    Service NL enforces legislated requirements in all mandated aspects of public health and safety, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, provincially-regulated financial services, and consumer protection.

  2. Licensing, Permitting, Inspections, and Registrations

    Service NL provides licences, permits, inspections, and registration services at its offices around the province for:

    • public safety activities
      boiler and pressure vessels, elevating devices, amusement rides, electrical installations, electrical contractors, and building design for fire/life safety;
    • environmental health activities
      food establishments, tobacco retailers, septic and other waste water disposal systems, municipal water supplies, abattoirs, public pools, recreational facilities, child care centres, dairy farms (milk and water sampling), and housing sanitation;
    • environmental protection activities
      waste disposal sites, spill responses, petroleum storage tank systems, dry cleaners, sawmills, quarries, asphalt plants, scrap yards, used tire facilities, used oil storage facilities, PCB storage sites, farm waste management facilities, soil treatment facilities, and illegal dumping;
    • provincial financial services activities
      insurance, securities, pension plans, real estate, mortgage brokers, and prepaid funeral services;
    • consumer protection activities
      trade practices, collection agencies, private investigators and security guards, charitable gaming, and residential tenancies;
    • commercial registrations activities
      deeds, companies, personal property, co-operatives, limited partnerships, mechanics’ liens, condominiums, and lobbyists;
    • occupational health and safety activities
      workplaces, radiation emitting devices, asbestos, abatement contractors, explosive magazines on mine sites, and underground diesel equipment;
    • motor vehicle activities
      driver licensing and vehicle registrations, commercial vehicle inspections, and other highway safety-related activities;
    • vital statistic activities
      marriage, birth, and death registrations and certificates, legal name changes, adoptions, and gender changes; angling and small game licence sales and distribution
  3. Conflict Resolution

    Service NL provides conflict resolution services for disputes such as residential tenancies, and issues related to legislative compliance with respect to the provincially regulated financial services industry, occupational health and safety, building accessibility, consumer protections, and public safety.

  4. Printing Services

    Service NL provides printing and microfilming services for government departments and agencies through the Office of the Queen’s Printer. The Queen’s Printer book store, located in the East Block of the Confederation Building complex, makes available provincial government legislation and various provincial government reports to the public for purchase. Purchasing information, as well as select documents for free download, are available on the Queen’s Printer website.

  5. Delivering services in French

    The Office of French Services (OFS) is responsible for building the capacity of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador to deliver services in French and to contribute to the development and vitality of the province’s Francophone community. The OFS also provides support to the Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs

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There are 434 staff who provide services in offices throughout the province.

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The People We Serve

Clients of Service NL include:

  • the general public
  • Employees
  • Employers
  • Consumers
  • Partner departments
  • Agencies
  • Businesses
  • Industry organizations
  • Worker organizations
  • Professional groups
  • Special interest groups
  • Charitable organizations

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