Motor Registration Division


The Motor Registration Division is responsible for:

  • The driver licencing program:
    • testing and issuance of driver’s licences
    • issuance of non-licence photo identification cards
    • manages convictions, suspensions, driver accident/medical records
    • implementation and maintenance of related policy and legislation
  • The vehicle registration program:
    • the review of safety requirements and capture of pertinent vehicle and owner information
    • the annual licencing or registration of vehicles
    • payment of outstanding traffic fines, sales tax on vehicle transfers, and other miscellaneous payments
  • The highway safety and enforcement program:
    • the safety on public highways through the auditing of individuals and commercial motor carrier fleets including school buses


  • Vehicle registrants
  • Holders of Driver Licences
  • General Public
  • Other municipal/provincial/federal government departments and agencies
  • Police agencies (municipal, provincial/territorial and federal)
  • Law firms
  • Automobile dealerships
  • Insurance companies