Occupational Health and Safety Division

The Division is supported by a complement of staff including inspections officers, industrial hygienists, engineers and radiation specialists to perform various multi-disciplinary activities such as:


  • Investigating workplace accidents and statistics
  • Conducting compliance inspections and detailed audits of workplaces
  • Hygiene assessments of various physical, chemical, biological and ergonomic agents in the workplace in order to protect worker health
  • Evaluating and inspecting radiation control measures in workplaces
  • Enforcing Occupational Health and Safety Legislation

The Occupational Health and Safety Division includes the following four sections:

  • Standards and Regulatory Review
    The Standards and Regulatory Review Section provides the Branch with information, analyses and recommendations and produces statistical information on workplace accidents and illnesses. This section is also responsible for the Resource Center as well as maintaining archived records.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Inspections
    Occupational Health and Safety Officers are responsible for enforcing standards of safety by assessing the workplace health and safety conditions to ensure employers and workers are complying with the occupational health and safety legislation. Occupational Health and Safety Officers are also responsible for accident investigations, following up on complaints, performing inspections and promoting awareness of health and safety issues in workplaces.
  • Occupational Health
    The Occupational Health Section is responsible for conducting hygiene assessments of various physical, chemical, biological and ergonomic agents in the workplace, as well as interpreting and enforcing applicable Regulations & Standards. This section also evaluates and inspects radiation control measures while ensuring compliance with The Radiation Health and Safety Act and Regulations.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Affairs
    The Compliance Section aids in the enforcement management process monitoring the consistency & effectiveness of enforcement activities. This section provides technical advice internally & externally regarding legislative interpretation, accident investigation and inspection methodology, as well as, reviewing investigation reports.


The OHS Division regulates occupational health and safety on all provincial workplaces in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. To date there are approximately 16,000 Employers employing about 220,000 workers in the province.


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