Demerit Point System


Newfoundland and Labrador is using the Demerit Point System. The System will not affect safe drivers who follow the rules of the road – but will serve to remind those who break the law that they must be more careful when driving; otherwise, they run the risk of having their driver’s licence suspended.

The Demerit Point System deals primarily with moving violations – not those regarding faulty equipment, illegal parking, or the more serious offences, like impaired driving – covered under the Criminal Code of Canada.

If you are convicted of an offence while driving on the highways of Newfoundland and Labrador, or any other Canadian jurisdiction, the appropriate number of points will automatically be added to your record. If you accumulate 12 points within a two-year period, your driver’s licence will be suspended. If you are a “novice” driver, you can only accumulate six (6) points within a one-year period before your licence is suspended.

You are considered a novice driver if

  1. You are in Level I or Level II.
  2. You have not completed Level I or Level II without a suspension due to an accumulation of points.
  3. You have not completed one whole year without any suspension. It is possible to get a ticket, and consequently accumulate points, without being stopped by a police officer. However, you will be notified in writing when you have accumulated six (6) points, and given another written warning when you have accumulated nine (9) points. If you are a novice driver, you will be notified after accumulating only three (3) points.

The first time that you accumulate enough points, your driver’s licence will be suspended for two (2) months. If you accumulate enough points within a two-year period after the first suspension to have your licence suspended a second or third time, you will lose your licence for four (4) months. If you are caught driving while your licence is suspended, you will face an additional suspension of four (4) months the first time, and nine (9) months for subsequent offences in that 5 year period.

Your driver’s licence is reinstated only after the entire suspension period has expired. Motor Registration Division cannot, under any circumstances, return your licence before the suspension is over. You must pay a fee to have your driver’s licence reinstated and you must participate in a mandatory responsible driver workshop (suspended driver’s course) either during your suspension or prior to reinstatement.

It is possible to have points removed from your record. Points accumulated for any offence are automatically removed two (2) years after the date of conviction.

Some drivers may be eligible for a Point Reduction Course. If a driver successfully completes such a course, up to four (4) points can be deducted from his/her record. However, this course can only be completed once every 5 years. For further information on this matter, contact the Motor Registration Division office nearest you. The fee for any driving course is your responsibility.

Table of Point Values for Convictions

Conviction Points Points
Driver not wearing a seat belt 2
Driving too slowly as to impede traffic 2
Driving to the left of the centre line 2
Driving with view obstructed 2
Failing to remain at the scene of an accident 12
Failure to obey police officer’s signal 2
Failure to signal change of direction 2
Failure to stop at a stop sign 2
Failure to stop before turning right on red light 2
Failure to yield for a pedestrian 2
Following another vehicle too closely 2
Improper passing 3
Imprudent driving 4
Making improper turns at intersection 2
Motorcycles riding two abreast 2
Operating a motor vehicle with improper class of driver’s licence 2
Operating a motor vehicle without a driver’s licence 2
Operating or allowing to be operated an uninsured vehicle 6
Passing a school bus while loading or unloading children 6
Speeding 1 – 10 km/h in excess of posted limit 0
Speeding 11 -20 km/h in excess of posted limit 2
Speeding 21 – 30 km/h in excess of posted limit 3
Speeding 31 km/h and over in excess of posted limit 4
Using a hand held cellular phone while driving a motor vehicle on a highway 4