Motor Vehicle Inspection Standards

Information regarding the inspection standards for cars, light trucks, vans, commercial vehicles and buses

Vehicle inspections in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador must only be completed at an Official Inspection Station that has been appointed by Service NL to perform inspections for that class of vehicle. The inspection standard that is utilized by the Official Inspection stations contains the minimum safety standards that the vehicle is required to meet in order to pass a motor vehicle inspection.

Cars, light trucks and vans (GVWR 4500kg or less)

In January, 2018, the inspection standard for cars, light trucks and vans was updated. The previous version was written in 1994 and required updating to ensure new vehicle safety technology was addressed.

To view the current inspection criteria please click here: Cars Light Trucks and Vans

Commercial Vehicles

he inspection standard for Commercial Vehicles is based on National Safety Code Standard 11. The inspection standard applies to all commercial vehicles in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The current inspection standards can be viewed by clicking the link for the vehicle type below:

Trucks with a GVWR > 4500kg

Trailers with a GVWR > 4500kg or fifth wheel trailers (Not including recreational trailers)

Buses with a passenger carrying capacity of 10 passengers or more