Stolen and Wrecked Vehicle Program


The Stolen and Wrecked Vehicle Monitoring Program is a national program designed to ensure consumer protection and public safety by:

  1. preventing the registration of stolen vehicles using the VIN (vehicle identification number) of a vehicle written off, which is falsely declared to have been rebuilt; and
  2. ensuring the mechanical fitness of all wrecked vehicles that are genuinely rebuilt.

Under this program, all vehicles severely damaged by collision, fire, flood, accident, trespass or other occurrence which are considered to be repairable, will be subject to a three stage inspection prior to being placed into services. The inspection will consist of:

  1. a body and structural integrity inspection;
  2. a mechanical inspection of all critical vehicle components as well as verification of the vehicle identification number; and
  3. a four wheel alignment.

A vehicle inspected and certified fit for highway use will have the registration “branded” to permanently contain the word “REBUILT” on the vehicle registration permit.

The Insurance Crime Prevention Bureau (ICPB) has been appointed as the repository for the province on this program and will notify Motor Registration Division on the status of vehicles as it receives information from insurance companies. On notification from ICPB, the vehicle record will be updated and the vehicle registration will be marked accordingly.

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Non repairable vehicle

Vehicle which is incapable of operation or use on the highway and which has no resale value except as a source of parts or scrap.

Salvage Vehicle

Vehicle which is damaged by collision, fire, flood, accident, trespass or other occurrence to the extent that the cost of repairing the vehicle for operation on the highway exceeds the vehicle’s fair market value immediately prior to the damage.

Rebuilt Vehicle

Salvage vehicle which has been rebuilt and inspected for the purpose of registration of transfer of ownership.

Stolen Vehicle

Vehicle which has been declared stolen by the police and which is not recovered.

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Vehicles Brand Code

Category Description
AB No Air Bags
AD No Air Bag Driver
AL No Air Bag Left Rear
AR No Air Bag Right Rear
GL Glider
KC Kit Car
NR Non-Repairable
RB Rebuilt
SL Salvage
ST Stolen
NT1 Non-Transferrable
  1. Vehicles may have more than one brand. For example, a vehicle can be both rebuilt and have no air bags. The following table outlines the abbreviated brand category used in the computer system and the corresponding description that prints on the vehicle registration permit.
  2. The “Non Transferable” or NT code is used to brand an imported vehicle that may only be registered to the person importing the vehicle and does not meet Canadian standards and cannot be resold in Canada.
  3. Although not part of the wrecked vehicle program, there are additional brands such as KC – Kit Car and GL – Glider to identify these types of vehicles.
  4. Vehicles branded “non repairable” or “rebuilt” retain the brand for the life of the vehicle.

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Vehicle Information — Accident History

If you purchase a used vehicle, the vehicle registration document showing the vehicle status and the Salvage Vehicle Post Inspection Certificate along with the Damaged Vehicle Report should be found with the vehicle. These are indicators that your vehicle has been involved in an accident. In the absence of these documents, the Motor Registration Division will provide you with a record of the entire vehicle history for a fee.

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Transfer of “Salvage” and “Non-Repairable” Vehicles


The vehicle may be transferred without proof of inspection, however, the inspection certificate will be required in order to obtain registration and have the salvage status changed to rebuilt. The required inspection is a full three stage inspection (body and structural; mechanical and four wheel alignment)


Non-repairable vehicles may be transferred but cannot be registered for road use.


Vehicle inspections can be obtained at various Official Inspection Stations throughout the province which are authorized to perform inspections on salvage vehicles.

Stolen Vehicle

In the event your vehicle is stolen you must immediately notify the nearest police detachment in your area. The police will then notify the Motor Registration Division and the registration status of your vehicle will be changed to stolen. If your vehicle is recovered, the police will promptly notify the Division when the vehicle is recovered. The stolen status will be removed from the vehicle registration record.

Vehicle Accident

You are required to report immediately to the police any accident where there is personal injury or damages exceeding $2000. In the event your vehicle is determined to be a write off, the insurance company will notify the Motor Registration Division, who will brand the vehicle registration accordingly. In the event you do not have collision coverage, you are responsible for making a report to Motor Registration Division.

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Replacement of Air bags

While current federal and provincial legislation does not require air bags as mandatory equipment, the air bags are part of the three stage inspection procedure, therefore, a vehicle found to have been rebuilt without the air bags having been replaced will have the vehicle registration document marked accordingly.

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Vehicle Branded in Another Jurisdiction

While there may be slight differences, the Stolen and Wrecked Vehicle Program is a national program, therefore, a status brand entered by another jurisdiction has the same meaning in this province and cannot be changed. You cannot have another jurisdiction’s brand removed upon registration in this province.

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Further Information

For further information on this program please contact Motor Registration Division at (709) 729-0359 or Motor Registration Division National Safety Code.

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