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Voluntary and Nonprofit

I volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada. Am I covered if I use my vehicle to carry the guides?
The standard auto policy allows for you to carry passengers in your car as long as you are not being paid to do so. If this is something you are doing occasionally you are covered. If this is a frequent and regular occurrence you should contact your insurance representative to confirm your policy is appropriately rated.

It is important to note that if you are responsible for a car accident and your passenger is injured, that passenger may sue you and the end result may be a claim on your insurance policy.

Our organization owns/leases a vehicle.  What insurance do we need?
All vehicles driven in Newfoundland and Labrador are required to be insured for a minimum of $200,000 Section A Third Party Liability (leased vehicles may require $1,000,000 limits or more) and Section D Uninsured Automobile Coverage. Higher liability limits and Section B Accident Benefits Coverage is recommended as well as physical damage coverage for newer vehicles. There are a number of additional endorsements available as well, so be sure to review all coverages with your insurance agent or broker.

Our funding has decreased and our insurance budget is lower.  What can we do?
There are a number of options to consider:

  • Talk with your Insurance broker or agent and review all your current coverages.
  • Obtain prices for different deductible options.
  • If you have reported few or no claims, or your drivers have excellent driving records, make sure you highlight that along with any other risk management procedures you have implemented.
  • Ask if your organization can do something to lower your premiums?
  • Maybe some of your riskier activities, that are not directly related to your mandate, can be carried out by another party. For example instead of renting a bus and having a volunteer transport clients, you could hire a busing company complete with driver to take your clients on their outing.
  • While you do not want shop around every year, this may be the year to check with other companies.

Our group is not incorporated.  Do we still need insurance?
If your group can be found responsible for damage to property, harm to persons or mismanagement of duties then your group should have insurance. If your group is not incorporated then each individual could be held personally responsible should anything go wrong. This means that your personal assets could be at risk. You don’t have to be incorporated to purchase insurance.

Our group is organizing a three day come home year celebration. Do we need insurance?
If your group can be found responsible for damage to property, harm to persons or mismanagement of duties then your group should have insurance. Special Event Insurance can be purchased to cover single events. If your events include serving alcohol make sure liquor liability insurance is part of your coverage.

We have been asked to provide a Certificate of Insurance. What is this?
A Certificate of Insurance is requested as proof that your organization has insurance coverage in place. It can be obtained from your broker or agent and is often required when using facilities belonging to others. While this is a common request, make sure you give your agent or broker plenty of notice to allow time for processing.

I am volunteering with an organization and I have been asked to provide a Certificate of Conduct. What is this?
A Certificate of Conduct provides details of your criminal record and is usually obtained from your local police department. This is often requested as part of an organization’s risk management program that may also include an application, a resume with references and an interview. It is more common for organizations which deal with vulnerable clients.

This is routine and indicates that an organization is concerned with protecting their staff, volunteers and clients.

For more information about obtaining a Certificate of Conduct please visit the RNC website.

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