Buildings Accessibility Exemption Registration

A Buildings Accessibility Exemption Registration is issued for a building or part thereof that is either being constructed, reconstructed or renovated where the work is not required to conform to the Buildings Accessibility Act and Regulations. This registration would apply to public buildings, apartment-type buildings and hotels where:

  1. The building was granted a building permit prior to December 24, 1981, and the amount of renovations or reconstruction is less than 50% of the replacement cost of the building
  2. The occupancy classification of the building is solely group F division


  1. A completed application (279 KB)
  2. Floor plans (in triplicate) of intended work


Statutes Regulations
Buildings Accessibility Act Buildings Accessibility Regulations

Applications and Publications



Once approved, the applicant receives an exemption letter indicating the Exemption Registration Number for the work being done.

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