Fire and Life Safety Plan Reviews

Approval of all commercial building plans, including fire prevention and suppression systems, is required under the Fire Protection Services Act.


  1. A completed application form
    1. National Building Code Form (FC/NBC – Long Form) (89 KB)
    2. Request for Approval of Plans (FC/NBC – Short Form) (78 KB)
  2. Three copies of detailed building plans (including floor plan for each floor level showing complete layout of each floor area including exits). Please see the “Guidance Document for the Submission of Building Plans and Specifications” (54 KB)
  3. Letter of referral from Municipal Council
  4. Fees (see below)


Statutes Regulations
Buildings Accessibility Act Buildings Accessibility Regulations


Description Fee
Buildings less than 250m² in building area $60.00 (H.S.T. not applicable)
Buildings greater than 250m² and less than 600m² in building area $240.00 (H.S.T. not applicable)
Buildings greater than 600m² in building area $480.00 (H.S.T. not applicable)
Fire Protection Systems (fire alarms and sprinklers) $120.00 (H.S.T. not applicable)
Fire Water Supply Systems (including piping and hydrant layouts) $120.00 (H.S.T. not applicable)

Applications and Publications



The City of St. John’s and the City of Corner Brook conduct their own Fire / Life Safety Inspections. Plan Review is completed by the Office of the Fire Commissioner.

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