Fee Policy

Electrical Applications

Only registered electrical contractors with a contractor registration number and a valid email address can submit Electrical Applications Online.


An Electrical Permit may only be issued to a person who is the holder of an Electrical Contractor’s Registration Certificate.

Registered Electrical Contractors must complete and submit the Electrical Contractor’s Representative Inspection Report prior to the Government Service Centre issuing Connection Authorizations and/or Certificates of Inspection on behalf of the Chief Electrical Inspector.

Registered Electrical Contractors

Active Electrical Contractors in the province, as of December 5, 2019.

Registered electrical contractors may renew their certificate online at the following link:

Electrical Permits and Inspections

To ensure public safety, approval must be issued before the installation or repair of any electrical equipment commences.

Registered electrical contractors can apply for electrical permits online at the following links:

Electrical Maintenance Permit

Approval is required from the Government Service Centre to maintain a building’s electrical system.

Electrical Bulletins


Statutes Regulations
Public Safety Act Electrical Regulations


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