Electrical Permits & Inspections

To ensure public safety, approval must be issued before the installation or repair of any electrical equipment commences, including:

  1. Wiring installations in residential, public and industrial / commercial sites and or buildings
  2. Installations for the private generation of electricity
  3. The installation of apparatus such as generators, transformers, switchboards and large storage batteries

Electrical Permits are only issued to Registered Electrical Contractors except as noted below:

  1. An individual or organization may request that an inspection be performed by the Government Service Centre to determine the condition of an existing electrical system and for reconnection of electrical service.
  2. Certified Journeyperson Electricians may obtain an electrical permit for work to be completed on their own property


  1. A completed application (634 KB)
  2. Detailed electrical plans for all commercial permits
  3. Fee (as noted on the application)


Statutes Regulations
Public Safety Act Electrical Regulations


The fees for electrical permits and inspections are listed on the application. The total permit cost will vary depending on the nature and extent of the work to be completed.

Applications, Publications and Bulletins

Printed copies of applications and publications are available in the Publication Section.


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