Environmental Health

Tanning Salon and/or Personal Services Establishment

Registration Form

Tanning Salons and Personal Services Establishments are required to register with the Government Service Centre under the Personal Services Act. If you wish to keep a copy of your registration form for your files, please copy and save before hitting the “Submit” button.

Approved Designer

Individuals who want to perform the design function – site evaluation for the location and design of private wastewater disposal (flow less than 4546L/day) and water supply systems must register with the Government Service Centre.

Food Establishment Licence

A Food Establishment Licence may be issued to any premises that is involved with the sale, production, manufacturing, preparation, storage and/or distribution of food subject to compliance with all pertinent legislation. This licence cannot be transferred.

Any individual or group proposing to organize / establish a temporary food operation service must have a permit to operate.

On May 1, 2020, a change to the Food Premises Regulations will take effect. The change will require owners/operators of certain types of food premises to have at least one employee who has current food safety training to be present in the food premises while it is in operation. More information can be found at:

SkillsPass NL Training

  • Getting off the Ground: This course will help people who are in the process of opening a new food premises, and need to understand what is required to get a licence to operate a food premises.

SkillsPass NL training: http://servicenl.myskillspass.io.

Public Markets/Farmer’s Markets

A Public Market Certificate of Approval is required for event organizers who operate a market on a reoccurring basis.
Public Markets are venues where many novice entrepreneurs sell different product lines.   To ensure consumer protection and encourage food security while providing entrepreneurial opportunities, Environmental Health Officers (EHOs), with Service NL, inspect all commercial food premises where food is prepared or served to the public.

Meat Plant (Abattoir)

In order to operate a meat plant for the slaughtering of animals in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, all buildings (slaughter facilities) must be licensed unless the plant is operated only to supply food for family use or is previously registered as an abattoir by the federal government. Slaughterhouses are licensed annually, on the anniversary of their license date.


A swimming pool license may be issued to any facility that is involved with providing swimming or recreational bathing subject to compliance with pertinent legislation

Wastewater or Water System Approval

Medium to large commercial establishments in unserviced areas will require a Permit to Construct for wastewater or water treatment (eg. motels, large restaurants, trailer parks, etc.). Daily wastewater flow to be determined using the Guidelines for the Design, Construction and Operation of Water and Wastewater Systems issued by the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment.

A building lot in an unserviced area must be approved for the installation of a wastewater disposal system and well. Plot plans and specifications for the installation of the disposal system and well are to be prepared by an Approved Designer.

A Backfill Authorization / Certificate of Approval is issued when the Environmental Health Officer has inspected the wastewater disposal system and it appears to comply with the approved plot plans and specifications. (flow less than 4546 l/day)


Under the Tobacco Control Act convenience store owners are required to obtain a Tobacco Licence to sell tobacco and tobacco related products. Licence holders must also display signage indicating that only persons 19 years of age or older are permitted to purchase tobacco products. The legislation also requires that “No Smoking” signs be posted in retail areas.

SkillsPass NL Training

  • Responsible Tobacco and Vapour Products Retailing (Employer Edition): An online course for existing and future owners/managers of tobacco and vapour product retailing establishments to ensure they understand the laws and regulations pertaining to selling tobacco and vapour products.
  • Responsible Tobacco and Vapour Products Retailing (Employee Edition): An online course for existing and future employees of tobacco and vapour product retailing establishments to ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities when selling tobacco and vapour products.

SkillsPass NL training: http://servicenl.myskillspass.io

Water Supply Testing, Private

Bacteriological analysis of private water samples will be performed on a demand basis. Water samples must be collected in approved containers that are available from all Government Service Centre offices throughout the Province. It is critical to follow the directions contained on the form provided with the water sample collection container.

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