Meat Plant (Abattoir)

In order to operate a meat plant for the slaughtering of animals in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, all buildings (slaughter facilities) must be licensed unless the plant is operated only to supply food for family use or is previously registered as an abattoir by the federal government. Slaughterhouses are licensed annually, on the anniversary of their license date.

Meat Inspections will provide consumers with high quality, locally produced meat and permit slaughter-houses to market their product as Provincially Inspected. Provincially inspected meat is only eligible for sale in Newfoundland and Labrador.


  1. Completed application
  2. Floor plans for new / renovated buildings;
  3. Approval from the municipality.


Statutes Regulations
Meat Inspection Act Meat Inspection Regulations


No fees required.

Applications and Publications

Printed copies of applications and publications are available at the Government Service Centre Division’s regional and area offices.


Refer to the Government Service Centre Division’s locations page for additional contact information.


At the request of the operator, the inspection of animals occurs when slaughtering takes place. After inspection, carcasses will be stamped and poultry tagged. The minimal numbers of animals that must be present before inspection can occur are 5 cattle, 10 hogs, or 10 lambs, or 50 poultry. Numbers of any combinations of animals will be at the discretion of the inspector.

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