Fixed and Mobile Food Premises

A Food Establishment Licence may be issued to any premises that is involved with the sale, production, manufacturing, preparation, storage and/or distribution of food subject to compliance with all pertinent legislation. This licence cannot be transferred.

SkillsPass NL Training

  • What to Expect When We’re Inspecting: This course will explain the food premises inspection process and criterion. This course is intended for owners and managers of licensed food premises.
  • Getting off the Ground: This course will help people who are in the process of opening a new food premises, and need to understand what is required to get a licence to operate a food premises.
  • Food Safety Basics: Safe food handling is important for all food handlers. The safe food handling and hygiene practice skills taught through this course cover topics such as foodborne illnesses, food allergies and sensitivities, defrosting food and kitchen cleanliness.
  • Not-for-Profit and Volunteer-Run Events: When Not-for-Profit organizations prepare or sell food for events, it is important that good hygiene and food-handling practices are followed to ensure public safety. This program provides clear guidance and is intended for employees or volunteers of Not-for-Profit organizations preparing meals for the public.
  • Home-Based Food Preparation Businesses: Preparing food at home for the public requires a clear understanding of food hygiene standards, sanitation, construction of premises and equipment usage. This program is intended for people planning to become a registered home-based food services business.
  • Temporary Food Premises: This program will help you understand the Service NL guidelines related to food safety at temporary events and includes information on booth construction, food preparation, hand washing, food hygiene and more. This course is intended for people who are a current food vendor or thinking of becoming a vendor at a temporary event, or looking to plan a temporary event

SkillsPass NL training:


  1. Completed Food and/or Tobacco Licence Application (171 KB)
  2. Floor plan of the proposed premises indicating locations of equipment, rooms and sanitary facilities.
  3. Municipal approval, if applicable.
  4. Fee (see below).


Statutes Regulations
Food and Drug Act Food Premises Regulations
Smoke-Free Environment Act Smoke-free Environment Regulations

Applications and Publications

Printed copies of applications and publications are available at the Government Service Centre Division’s regional and area offices.




Manager of Operations
St. John’s, NL
Tel: (709) 729-2008
Manager of Operations
Harbour Grace, NL
Tel: (709) 945-3106
Manager of Operations
Clarenville, NL
Tel: (709) 466-4064
Manager of Operations
Gander, NL
Tel: (709) 256-1428
Manager of Operations
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
Tel: (709) 292-4218
Manager of Operations
Corner Brook, NL
Tel: (709) 637-2446
Manager of Operations
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL
Tel: (709) 896-5428


Refer to the Government Service Centre Division’s locations page for additional contact information.

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