Septic or Water System Approval for Greater Than 4546 L Per Day

Medium to large commercial establishments in unserviced areas will require a Permit to Construct for the septic/private water treatment system (eg. Motels, large restaurants, trailer parks, etc.). Daily sewage flow to be determined using the Guidelines for the Design, Construction and Operation of Water and Sewerage Systems issued by the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment.


1. Completed application form;

2. Certified engineer’s plans and report including:

  • Daily sewage flow calculations;
  • Certified percolation times for the disposal field area;
  • Length of tile field required; and
  • Site plan with details of location of buildings, property boundaries, location of septic tank, distribution box, tile field, sewer lines, location of test pits, site of well or water supply;
  • Details of proposed water treatment system. Plans should include details on type and location of system and source of water.

3. Building details showing bedrooms, kitchen, shower / laundry facilities, etc. as appropriate;

4. For restaurants, large kitchens, etc. details for a grease trap must be provided;

5. Drawings must be fully dimensioned;

6. Plans must show configuration of disposal fields clearly indicating the number, spacing, and length of lines;

7. Plans must show elevations for the septic tank, including inverts for inlet and outlet pipes, and elevation of the field relative to the building floor elevation; and

8. If a prefabricated septic tank is proposed, clearly dimensioned shop drawings must be submitted. Prefabricated tanks must meet CSA Standard CAN/CSA-B66-00. If a locally made septic tank is to be used, it must be certified by the engineer.


Statutes Regulations
Environmental Protection Act Environmental Control Water and Sewage Regulations, 2003
Water Resources Act Well Drilling Regulations, 2003

Applications and Publications

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