Septic System Approval (for Less Than 4546 L Per Day) and Well Approval

A building lot in an unserviced area must be approved for the installation of a sewage disposal system and well. Plot plans and specifications for the installation of the disposal system and well are to be prepared by an Approved Designer and forwarded to the Government Service Centre for approval.


A completed application (159 KB) must be accompanied by a sketch of the lot indicating:

  1. Detailed site plan;
  2. Floor plan of proposed dwelling/establishment;
  3. Percolation test results;
  4. Depth of ground water table;
  5. Design calculations for the design of the Septic System;
  6. Detailed construction drawings;
  7. Profile of the land in the general area of where the septic system is to be installed;
  8. Description of the general ground conditions in the area where the system is to be installed;
  9. Municipal approval (if applicable).


Statutes Regulations
Health and Community Services Act Sanitation Regulations
Water Resources Act Environmental Control Water and Sewage Regulations, 2003
Well Drilling Regulations, 2003


No fee required.

Applications and Publications

Printed copies of applications and publications are available at the Government Service Centre Division’s regional and area offices.




List of Approved Designers – May 2, 2019 (112 KB)

Refer to the Government Service Centre Division’s locations page for additional contact information.

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