Fuel Storage and Handling

Fuel Storage and Handling – The Storage and Handling of Gasoline and Associated Products Regulations – Installation and operation of fuel storage tank systems underground or above ground.

Registration is required for all underground and above ground storage facilities for the storage and handling of gasoline and associated products.

Gasoline and Associated Products – Application for Tank Registration Online Portal


Completed application (273 KB) along with detailed drawing or sketch containing pertinent information outlined in Section 3 of the application.



Statutes Regulations
Environmental Protection Act Storage and Handling of Gasoline and Associated Products Regulations, 2003


No fees required for the registration of the storage facilities.

However, for all new facilities a permit is also required for flammable and combustible liquid storage and dispensing (above or below ground) and for bulk storage (above ground only) under the Fire Prevention Act. In this case the fee is outlined in Building Plan Approval, Commercial will apply.

Applications and Publications

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