Occupational Health and SafetyThe Occupational Health and Safety Branch has its own distinct logo that is identifiable with occupational health and safety in this province. The overall shape is that of a yield symbol, reminding people to take caution when in the workplace. The orange color also is representative of the cautious and careful attitude necessary to remain healthy and safe while on the job.

The blended pyramid inside represents the tripartite approach with each of the three sides representing government, employers and labour. The blending colors of the pyramid-type triangle represents the necessity of the three parties to join together in working to attain the single goal of an accident-free workplace, which is depicted by a single orange triangle in the center of the triangle.

The line across the top of the pyramid rests on the center point and has the words "Working Safely Together" This line acts as a balancing point that signifies all three sides working together to achieve a perfect balance for a safe working environment.