Printing and Micrographic Services

All jobs requested to be done by Printing and Micrographic Services require the customer to have a Printing or Microfilming requisition properly authorized before work can proceed.

Internal Printing Requisition (267 KB)

Printing Services

Printing Services is responsible for producing the majority of printed material across all of Government, Eastern Health, the RNC, as well as some outside Agencies and Boards. From stationary, books, booklets, forms, brochures, leaflets, flyers, annual reports, and communications pieces, etc. we do our best to meet your requirements, taking into account numerous competing deadlines and the degrees of importance of the many jobs submitted for printing. Our facilities are secure as are our servers and email addresses. There is no need to submit password protected files or USB sticks.

Before embarking on a project, consult with us as to what you are planning and we can advise you on how to set up your files. Just because you can design something on a computer does not mean it can actually be printed.

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Our Prepress department is committed to producing the highest quality printed piece possible. Files are accepted in press-ready PDF format, and occasionally in Microsoft Word. Our staff work on both Macs and PC platforms in Adobe Creative Suite, CorelDraw and Microsoft Word. Our Graphic Artists have many years of experience and a commitment to quality and can often alert you when they notice issues with your files that will become problematical in a printed piece. (For example, no bleeds, lo-res images, contravention of NL Government  Graphic Standards, etc.)

Electronic Files

It is extremely important that when you submit an electronic file to our Print Shop for printing that you ensure the following conditions are met:

  • It is best to always use Adobe AcrobatPro to create PDF files. If you do not have AcrobatPro, ask your manager or OCIO to install it on your computer. The free Acrobat Reader is extremely limited in what it can do. Using 3rd party extensions and “PDF Maker” type programs can also cause problems with your PDFs.
  • Do not submit PDFs that are password protected. If you do, and do not have password, it is highly likely that we will be unable to produce your order as we require full access to a PDF file in order to format it for our equipment.
  • If the material you are printing is copyrighted, you are required to seek permission to use it, and to be able to prove that you have permission to print the material. Failure to procure permission could mean lawsuits and fines for your Department.
  • Images pulled from the web are not acceptable for high quality documents, and there may be copyright issues.
  • If bleeds (ink running off the edge of the sheet) are in your document ensure that you have your page size set large enough to accommodate this. Call us and ask how to do this.

For more information on this, please contact our Pre-press section at

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Our Pressroom is equipped with industry-leading high speed Xerox colour and black and white digital presses that have inline punching and finishing capability. We produce booklets, brochures, plain and carbon forms, variable data letters and communications pieces and posters up to 13″ x 19″. All of our press operators are skilled trained professionals with years of experience. More importantly, all of them are conscientious people who truly care about the quality of the printed piece produced on their presses.

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Bindery is an area of critical importance at our shop. We are often asked to meet deadlines which would be impossible without the dedication and commitment of our Bindery Staff. After everyone else has done their work to produce your job, our Bindery Staff are the ones who pull it all together. From cutting and trimming to padding, perfect binding, saddle stitching, coil binding and packaging, our bindery employees are adept at juggling deadlines and and getting orders finished in a timely manner.

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High Speed Copier

High speed copiers are used to co-complete jobs or produce stand alone jobs. We offer high speed Black and White copiers with speeds up to 288 images per minute (on two sided printing) and up to 65 pages per minute on our high speed Color copier/printers (on one sided printing). Our professional High Speed Copier Staff have years of experience in handling paper original and electronic files for printing. As well your hard copy original can be given back to you as a PDF file if required for future use.

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Micrographics and Digital Services

Our micrographic and digital services sections offer the highest standards in creating and processing archival documents. Documents are scanned electronically to files, such as tiff images or PDF documents, or to 16mm film. Our professional staff are capable of creating archival 16mm, 35mm and micro fiche to ensure your department or agencies records are preserved for a long time. We also have the ability to take your current electronic files and transfer them to archival film for safe keeping. We also offer a film processing and duplicating service.

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Retail Book Store

The staff in our Book Store offer prompt, friendly service to customers requiring copies of governments legislation, The Newfoundland and Labrador Gazette and various publications.

The Gazette, which is published weekly, includes new and amending Regulations, assorted government notices, as well as private sector public notices that are required by Statute to be published.

Our Book Store is located on the ground floor, east block of the Confederation Building. With over-the-counter, telephone, fax and mail order service, the bookstore efficiently provides services to customers from all over the world. Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, Interac, cash, cheque and account. Our staff do their best to ensure we meet the changing product and service needs of our customers.

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