Extra-provincial Co-operatives

How to Register an Extra-provincial Co-operative

An extra-provincial co-operative is a co-operative that is incorporated outside the province. An extra-provincial co-operative is required to register in Newfoundland if it is carrying on an undertaking/ business activity in the province.

An extra-provincial co-operative must be registered before it commences business in the province.


To register an extra-provincial corporation, a name check must be performed and a Statement for Registration with the constating instruments must be filed with the required fee. (58 KB)

Statement for Registration

Form 29 (110 KB)

  • As with local incorporations, the name of the co-operative must meet all of the requirements of the legislation. Usually, a name is reserved in advance to reduce confusion.
  • Full particulars of its incorporating documents must be annexed including articles and a certificate of registration or their equivalents.
  • A description of the undertaking that the co-operative will carry on in the province.
  • The authorized and paid up or stated capital of the co-operative.
  • The registered head office field must be completed with an address in Newfoundland and Labrador. Further the full address of the head office for the co-operative outside the province must also be stated.
  • The full names and addresses of the directors of the co-operative.

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