Registry of Condominiums


A condominium in Newfoundland is incorporated upon a declaration and description being filed with the Registrar of Condominiums. The object of the condominium corporation is to manage and maintain the property and assets of the corporation. Unit holders appoint a board, governed with by-laws, to perform these objects for the corporation.

This Registry is governed by the Condominium Act, 2009. This legislation governs the ownership of individual units where property is subdivided into units with common elements. Incorporation of a condominium requires complex documentation and supporting documents from surveyors and architects. It is recommended that clients consult a lawyer when incorporating a condominium.

Forms and Registration Fees

Section 17(3) of the Act requires the condominium corporation, at the time of filing the declaration and, where there is a change in the registered office or a change in the directors, file at the registry a notice of the registered office of the corporation and a notice of directors listing the directors of the corporation.

The fees for the registration of a condominium declaration and description vary based upon the number of units outlined in the description.

To obtain either of these forms or the fee schedule please click here.

Name Check

Prior to registering a description and declaration, the proposed name for the condominium must first be approved by the Registrar.