Title Searching Information


Searches on real property can provide you with a wealth of information on a piece of property. Each document registered contains valuable information which is freely accessible upon a visit to our registry. This information may include: property descriptions, liens against property, consideration paid for a property, etc. The Registrar of Deeds is responsible for ensuring all information is easily accessible and accurately registered.


The Registry of Deeds is a public registry. This information is used daily by a host of clients who access our registry including: surveyors, lawyers, utility companies, financial institutions, the general public and search firms. Staff are available during business hours to instruct our clients on searching title using the paper and electronic index. Staff cannot perform the searches for clients. Because searching title in Newfoundland and Labrador is complex, clients are encouraged to seek the assistance of a professional search firm or lawyer.

Should you require the services of a private search firm, please review the searcher listing.


Registration Fees

fees depend upon the type of document presented for registration. For a complete listing of fees, see our Fee Schedule.

Search fees

You may search the Registry of Deeds online. Search fees are $5 to obtain search results and $5 for each registration you want to see deeds details on.

You may also search at the Registry’s office in St. John’s. While there is no search fee there is a 25 cents per page cost for photocopies and printouts.