Commissioner of Lobbyists


The Commissioner of Lobbyists is appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council (Cabinet) for a term of five years. The Commissioner is responsible for:

  • investigating, with reasonable cause, possible violations of the Lobbyist Registration Act, any applicable regulations or Code of Conduct;
  • prohibiting or canceling the registration of lobbyists whom the Commissioner determines to have gravely or repeatedly breached the obligations imposed by the Act, regulations or Code of Conduct;
  • ordering that some or all registration information be kept confidential;
  • recommending changes to the Code of Conduct; and
  • submitting an annual report on the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbyists to the Speaker of the House of Assembly.

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Confidentiality Order

At the request of a person who is required to register in the registry of lobbyists, the Commissioner of Lobbyists may order that some or all of the information contained in the return that is required to be filed for registration purposes be kept confidential if the information relates to an investment project of the client or enterprise concerned, the disclosure of which may seriously prejudice the economic or financial interest of the client or enterprise.

Unless the Commissioner of Lobbyists extends the order at the request of the interested person for the period determined by the Commissioner of Lobbyists, the confidentiality order shall cease to have effect 6 months from the filing of the return concerned in the registry of lobbyists.

The Commissioner of Lobbyists shall send a notice of a decision to the Registrar of Lobbyists, and the Registrar shall ensure that the information is held as confidential and not available to the public for the duration of the commissioner’s order.

To request a confidentiality order or to request an extension of an existing order the registrant is required to complete Application for Confidentiality Order and Request to Extend a Previous Order (31 KB)

Please note you are still required to file your return with the Registrar of Lobbyists within the time constraints stipulated in the Lobbyist Registration Act. In the return filing to the Registrar indicate in the applicable section that you have or intend to apply to the Commissioner for a confidentiality order with respect to that filing.

Download Application for Confidentiality Order and Request to Extend a Previous Order (31 KB)

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