Lien Check Service

A new online service designed to better protect consumers in Newfoundland and Labrador

As of July 14, 2004, a new online service is available in Newfoundland and Labrador. Before purchasing a previously-owned item, use Lien Check to check for outstanding loans against it. Use Lien Check to search for loans against cars, boats, trailers, mobile homes, aircraft, and outboard motors. You search using a serial number (such as the Vehicle Identification Number on a car). Lien Check uses a secure credit card transaction system and the cost is $10 per search.

Clients can access Lien Check remotely from their home or business using their personal computer with Internet Access. Clients may also access Lien Check using the computer located in the Registry of Deeds office located at 59 Elizabeth Avenue, St. John’s.

Lien Check provides quick and easy access to the Personal Property Registry System, where financial interests in personal property are recorded. This service is a joint initiative between the four Atlantic Provinces through Atlantic Canada online.

Use the Lien Check Service today!