CSA Fall Protection Equipment

Recently, the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Division became aware that some fall protection equipment NOT in compliance with the OHS Regulations is available for sale to workers and self employed persons.

Section 60 of the OHS Regulations stipulates that all fall protection equipment shall meet the appropriate and current CSA standard.

There are ten CSA Fall Protection Standards, most of which have marking and labeling requirements that force the manufacturer to label their product with minimum specifications in order to be certified. For example, most CSA Fall Protection Standards will require manufacturers to label their product with the CSA Standard number for which it has been tested and passed.

Not all manufacturers, however, choose to have their products certified under CSA. Products which are NOT certified under a CSA Fall Protection Standard, where such a standard exists, are NOT acceptable for use by workers or self employed persons in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. (eg. Currently there is no CSA Standard for Anchorage Connectors and therefore design and installation must follow manufacturer’s instructions or the advice of a Professional Engineer, not CSA)

It has been identified that some fall protection equipment does NOT meet the requirements of the appropriate CSA Standards. If any Fall Protection equipment does NOT meet the current applicable CSA Standard then the OHS Officer will direct the equipment to be removed from service.

Misuse of any fall protection equipment can cause fatalities. Please ensure all fall protection equipment meets the applicable CSA standard and is used in the correct manner, as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Anyone using or supplying fall protection equipment should be familiar with the most recent editions of the CSA fall protection standards and ensure their equipment meets the appropriate edition of the standard.

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