Uniform Highway Transport Vehicle Regulations

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador has completed regulatory changes resulting from the June 2001 agreement on uniform regulations governing the weight and dimensions of highway transport vehicles operating within Atlantic Canada. Culminating two years of discussion and a public consultation program, these regulations, coupled with similar regulations in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, eliminate one of the most commonly cited barriers to efficient truck transportation within the region.

The changes brought about by the new regulations with respect to allowed vehicle dimensions apply primarily to new vehicles of model year 2003 and later. Other changes to existing equipment are planned through a transition period extending through December 2009 which will allow trucking companies and equipment manufacturers to phase-out equipment that does not comply with the new regulations. Of note, there will be some immediate allowable registered weight limit changes for particular axle groups and gross vehicle weights. The impact of these changes on particular vehicle configurations can be found at the web sites mentioned below.

The first series of changes has been completed by all four jurisdictions and the revised Newfoundland and Labrador Vehicles Regulations took effect on November 30, 2001. An Internet guide to the full Atlantic Canada agreement can be found at the Council of Ministers website and an unofficial copy of the Newfoundland Vehicles Regulations. Official copies of the Vehicles Regulations can be purchased at the Queen’s Printer:

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