About the Division

WHSCRD reviews final decisions of WorkplaceNL for errors in the application of policy and legislation under the authority of the Workplace Health, Safety & Compensation Act (the Act). WHSCRD reports directly to the Minister responsible for WorkplaceNL in the province and is separate and independent from WorkplaceNL.


The mandate of the WHSCRD is to review decisions of WorkplaceNL to ensure compliance with the Act and Regulations, as well as with the policies of WorkplaceNL. The WHSCRD is also mandated to direct appropriate remedies where necessary.


The vision of the WHSCRD is an environment where workers and employers participate in an independent, timely and fair review process anchored in a culture of exceptional client service.


Initiatives that provide for continuous improvement in the area of client service remains a priority for the WHSCRD. The WHSCRD provides timely front-line services to its clients in an environment which is respectful, professional and free of bias. The core values of independence, respect and professionalism guide the staff and Review Commissioners of the WHSCRD on a daily basis.

Lines of Business

The WHSCRD offers the following services to its clients:

  1. Review of decisions of WorkplaceNL. WHSCRD processes review applications submitted by injured workers, their dependents and employers in the province, as well as coordinates a review process that includes a hearing before a Review Commissioner.
  2. Information Services. WHSCRD provides information services to its clients by providing web-based distribution of its decisions, researching workers’ compensation issues and collecting and maintaining statistical information relative to the review process.

The Role of the WHSCRD

The WHSCRD was established by legislative amendment in 1994. The amendment created an independent review division with the authority to hear and decide review applications resulting from decisions made by WorkplaceNL. The WHSCRD is the final level of appeal provided by the Act.

Review applications are assigned to WHSCRD Review Commissioners throughout the Province. The Panel of Review Commissioners consists of a Chief Review Commissioner (CRC) and may consist of up to six additional Review Commissioners. The Review Commissioners conduct hearings throughout Newfoundland and Labrador according to the rules of natural justice and procedural fairness. The Review Commissioners review evidence, conduct hearings, and provide decisions on the outcome of review applications.