Job Creation Partnerships


For 2020-2021  – The application deadline for Job Creation Partnerships program is July 31, 2020.
The Job Creation Partnerships (JCP) program is designed to support community-based, not-for-profit projects. These projects will provide EI-eligible participants with opportunities to gain work experience to improve their employment prospects. Project activities should benefit both the participant and the community. The primary focus of the JCP program is helping insured participants who need work experience to increase their chances of successfully finding ongoing employment.

Job Creation Partnerships Fact Sheet (102 KB)

Application Deadlines

Deadline to Apply

  • Deadline for applications is July 31, 2020
  • Complete applications must be received at least 25 business days prior to the start of a project to ensure a timely review and assessment of the request for funding and to avoid delays in processing.
  • Incomplete applications will result in delays.

Application Process

Eligibility Criteria for Organizations

  • Project activities must be community-based and not-for-profit.
  • The project may be sponsored by a business; a federal crown corporation or comparable provincial/territorial crown corporation; an organization; an individual; a municipal government; a band/tribal council; a public health institution, or an educational institution.
  • The project sponsor must:
    • Be incorporated or a sole proprietor;
    • Have a Canada Revenue Agency business number;
    • Be in good standing with Registry of Companies and Deeds; and
    • Have an office location/base in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Additional eligibility requirements can be reviewed in the Program Guidelines .

Eligibility Criteria for Individuals

  • Be a resident of the province;
  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents legally entitled to work in Canada;
  • Meet the definition of EI-eligible;
  • Be approved by the Department under Section 25 of the Employment Insurance Act as insured participants who are active EI claimants; and
  • Have an employment plan that identifies that the JCP work experience being considered supports a reasonable occupational goal.

How Do I Apply?

  • Employers must first register in LaMPSS to be able to apply online.
  • After registering, a password and user ID is provided.
  • Before beginning the application, please review the Program Guidelines for eligibility and information required to be provided with the application.
  • Employers must complete and submit an online application in LaMPSS along with a detailed project description, budget template and supporting information.
  • You can check on the progress of your application by logging into your LaMPSS account and viewing the agreement status.
  • Applicants are notified by email after a decision is made on the application – within 25 business days of receipt of a complete application.
  • When approval is granted, projects must commence within 45 business days.
  • More information can be found here.

Decision-Making Process

Day 1:
A complete application is received by the Department and is assigned for assessment.

Day 1-15:
The application is reviewed by the Department to ensure that the proposed training meets program eligibility and to ensure sufficient budget availability. Applications may be prioritized for funding subject to demand. Recommendations are made to delegated authority (approver).

Day 15-25:
The delegated authority reviews assessment and ensures all information to make final decision is on file. Applicant will be notified once approval has been granted or denied.

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JCP Project Approvals

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Contact Information

Advanced Education, Skills and Labour Office Locations

Call: 1-800-563-6600
TTY: 1-866-729-4685

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