Creating a space where clients can view and manage their information and preferences across the GovNL web site.

One Client.
One GovNL.
One Relationship.

An entirely new way to interact with government

  • Home

    Your homepage is the place to go to find information that is important to you right now.

  • Profile

    Your profile shows what we know about you, and if something needs to be updated we tell you how.

  • Alerts

    We’ll send you personalized emails to keep you better informed.

  • Applications

    You can apply and track your application progress using our simplified application process.

Why are we doing this?

The Way Forward is more than a mandate, it’s a new and transparent way of working with citizens and businesses to make the province better, more efficient and streamlined.

  • It helps you

    You will have one place to see all your information, products, services, documents, data and personal information.

    As this grows, MyGovNL will be your most effective way to interact with government.

  • It helps businesses

    In time, businesses will get their own MyGovNL accounts. This will allow delegation to staff and team members so the right people can manage the right interactions with government.

  • And yes, it helps us

    Faster, more efficient, less paper, fewer data errors and less waste!

    This opens up the lines of interaction with our citizens and businesses in a way never before possible.