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About the Board


The Board is an independent, impartial tribunal that acts within its statutory authority.

The objectives of the Board are to:

  1. Process all applications efficiently and fairly.
  2. Make decisions that are clear and consistent, based on sound legal principles and provide guidance to employers, employees, unions and the labour/management community.
  3. Encourage settlement of disputes by the use of mediation and appropriate dispute resolution methods.
  4. Inform the public about labour laws and the procedures of the Board.

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David Conway Chairperson St. John’s
Joan Marie Aylward Vice-Chairperson St. John's
Christopher Peddigrew Vice-Chairperson St. John's

Employee Representatives

Christina Kennedy Regular Member St. John’s
Sean Noah Regular Member St. John’s
David Curtis Alternate Member St. John's
Marie St. Aubin Alternate Member St. John’s
Michael Power Alternate Member St. John’s
Florence Careen-Power Alternate Member St. John’s

Employer Representatives

Roseanne Saturley Regular Member St. John’s
Jacqueline Penney Regular Member St. John’s
Vacant Alternate Member
Larry Pittman Alternate Member St. John’s
Michelle Farrell Alternate Member St. John's
Weldon Brake Alternate Member Meadows

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Lines of Business

In fulfilling its mandate, the Labour Relations Board offers the following services to its primary clients:

  1. Resolution of labour relations matters:
    • the processing, investigation and adjudication of applications made to the Board by unions, employers, organizations and individual employees, or referrals made pursuant to the legislation;
    • the mediation of differences in attempts to limit the extent and need for formal adjudication and to reinforce the ability of the parties to resolve their own disputes.
  2. Education
    • the education of the Provinces’ labour relations community in the interpretation of the legislation, the Board’s rules, policies and procedures.

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The People We Serve

The Labour Relations Board serves employers, organizations, employees and unions in Newfoundland and Labrador covered by the legislation administered by the Board and primarily oversees the acquisition and exercise of collective bargaining rights and the promotion of sound labour relations in a fair and transparent manner.

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