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Technical Notes
1.0 An Overview of TAGS Clients
2.0 Program Expenditures
3.0 Highlights of TAGS Interventions
4.1 Overview of Exhaustees by Census Consolidated Subdivision
4.2 Overview of Exhaustees by Human Resource Centre
4.3 Overview of Exhaustees by Economic Zone
5.0 The Fishing Industry from 1987-96
6.0 Income Composition
7.0 Social Assistance
8.0 Future Program Options for TAGS Clients
Major Milestones
Appendix 1.1 TAGS Funding Authority by Department, Atlantic Provinces and Quebec
Appendix 1.2 HRDC TAGS Funding Authority by Activity, Atlantic Provinces and Quebec
Appendix 1.3 HRDC TAGS Expenditures/Budget by Activity, Newfoundland and Labrador
Appendix 2.1 Number of Clients in TAGS Program Interventions
Appendix 2.2 Number of Participants in TAGS Training by Field of Study
Appendix 3.1 Eligibility Status by CCS
Appendix 3.2 TAGS Clients by Year of TAGS Exhaustion by CCS
Appendix 3.3 Harvesters Only
Appendix 3.4 Processors Only
Appendix 4.1 Eligibility Status by HRCC
Appendix 4.2 TAGS Clients by Year of TAGS Exhaustion by HRCC
Appendix 4.3 Harvesters Only
Appendix 4.4 Processors Only
Appendix 5.1 Eligibility Status by Economic Zone
Appendix 5.2 TAGS Clients by Year of TAGS Exhaustion by Economic Zone
Appendix 5.3 Harvesters Only
Appendix 5.4 Processors Only
Appendix 6.0 Historical Landings of Fish Species
Appendix 7.0 Harvesters Eligible for TAGS with CORE Status as a Percent of Total TAGS Fishers by Area
Appendix 8.0 Clients Exhausting and Remaining on TAGS by Month