Resources – Adults

Who is eligible for services?

Adult victims of crime, 16 years of age and over. Priorities for service are victims of violent crimes. Overall the nature of the offence and victim’s response will be the determining factors. In some cases where the victim is incapacitated or has died as a result of the crime, the family would be considered the potential client. Services are available to those who feel they have been victimized regardless of whether a complaint has been made to the police or a charge has been laid.

When should I contact Victim Services?

You can call the nearest Victim Services office any time after a crime has taken place. It is usually best to contact Victim Services as early as possible. You can contact Victim Services yourself or you may be referred.

What services can I expect?

  • General information about the criminal justice system to help you understand how it works;
  • Updated information on what is happening with your case;
  • Court preparation so you can participate more meaningfully in the court process;
  • If you wish to complete one, help with preparing a Victim Impact Statement;
  • Identifying and referring you to specialized community resources if you need them;
  • Providing emotional support and short-term counselling as you deal with your victimization and the court process.

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