Resources – Children and Youth

Who is eligible for services?

Children, under the age of 16, who will be testifying in criminal proceedings. This would include both victims of a crime and witnesses to a crime, whether they are a Crown or a Defence witness. The child’s family is also eligible for services.

When should a child be referred?

Once a charge has been laid in a criminal matter where there is a child victim or witness the referral can be made. Once it is determined that the child will be required to testify in a criminal matter the referral should be made at the earliest opportunity if not already done so.

Who can make a referral?

In the majority of cases, referrals will be made by the police, the Crown Attorney or Child Protection. However, referrals are accepted from other agencies, as well as self-referrals, as long as the child referred will be testifying in a criminal court matter.

Is caregiver(s) consent necessary for a child to receive services?

Yes. The child’s legal guardian(s) has to provide consent for the child to receive services.

What services will be provided?

  • General information on the criminal justice system to help understand how it works;
  • Updated information on what is happening with the court matter;
  • Court preparation;
  • If you wish to complete one, help with preparing a Victim Impact Statement;
  • Assessments and referrals for therapeutic counselling for child witnesses and their families if deemed necessary;
  • Information for families to help support/prepare children involved with the court process.

Will services be provided to child witnesses testifying in Family Court?

No. Service provision is limited to children testifying in criminal proceedings only.

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