How to Request a Review or Make a Privacy Complaint

The Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPPA) designates the Information & Privacy Commissioner as the independent review mechanism. This means that applicants have an avenue of recourse, in addition to the Supreme Court Trial Division, when they have been refused access to records or information they have requested.

Applicants or Third Parties may ask the Information & Privacy Commissioner to investigate a complaint:

  • about a refusal of access
  • about the extension of time limits
  • by an individual who believes that his or her personal information has been collected, used or disclosed by a public body in contravention of the Act
  • about fees charged
  • by a third party who objects to the planned release of information affecting their interests
  • about a refusal to correct personal information

The Information & Privacy Commissioner is Mr. Michael Harvey.

Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner
Michael Harvey, Commissioner

Sir Brian Dunfield Building
3rd Floor, 2 Canada Drive
P.O Box 13004 Station A
St. John’s, NL A1B 3V8
Tel: (709) 729-6309
Toll Free: 1-877-729-6309
Fax: (709) 729-6500