About the Office

The Minister of the Department of Justice and Public Safety is responsible for the overall administration of the ATIPP Act. The ATIPP office assists with this mandate by providing guidance and assistance to public bodies that are subject to the Act. This includes answering questions and providing advice to ATIPP Coordinators on the access to information component of the Act, including policy, procedures and processing of access requests.

Over 460 public bodies are subject to ATIPP legislation, including:

  • government departments
  • agencies
  • boards
  • commissions
  • crown corporations
  • public educational bodies
  • regional health authorities
  • municipalities

The ATIPP Office also assists public bodies with the implementation of the appropriate privacy breach protocol following a potential breach of personal information. The ATIPP Office provides advice to public bodies on breach investigation, containment, notification and prevention.

The ATIPP Office provides training to public bodies on their obligations under the legislation – both access and privacy.