All employees have a responsibility to manage and protect government information. The Office the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), in partnership with the Centre for Learning and Development – Human Resource Secretariat, has updated the content and format of its online Information Management (IM) training, IM@Work: Making Information Management Work for You.

This course is now available through the Provincial Government’s Learning Management System, PS Access, and is designed to provide you with:

  • An introduction to IM and relevant legislation;
  • A review of information management best practices;
  • An overview of information management roles and responsibilities.

IM@Work is accessible at and requires a unique User ID and Password. You can request an account by emailing

Public bodies can access the IM@Work course material through a PowerPoint presentation created by IM services. A PDF version of the course can be found here: IM@Work – Making Information Management Work for You.

All employees should complete this training to ensure they are informed of their responsibilities for information management. More information about IM is available through your department or agency’s IM Division or through the OCIO at